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النِّيَّةُ / Intention

1ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): النِّيَّةُ أساسُ العَمَلِ.
1– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Intention is the basis of action.’
[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 1040]

2ـ الإمامُ زينُ العابدينَ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): لا عَمَلَ إلّا بِنِيَّةٍ.
2– Imam Zayn al-Abidin (AS) said, ‘There is no action without intention.’
[al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 84, no. 1]



3ـ الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): ما ضَعُفَ بَدَنٌ عمّا قَوِيَت علَيهِ النِّيَّةُ .
3– Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘A body will not become weak where the intention is strong.’
[al-Faqih, v. 4, p. 400, no. 5859]

4ـ عن الإمام الصّادق (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): إنّما خُلِّدَ أهلُ النّارِ في النّارِ لأنّ نِيّاتِهِم كانَت في الدُّنيا أن لَو خُلِّدوا فيها أن يَعصُوا اللّه‏َ أبداً، وإنّما خُلِّدَ أهلُ الجَنّةِ في الجَنّةِ لأنّ نِيّاتِهِم كانَت في الدُّنيا أن لَو بَقُوا فيها أن يُطِيعوا اللّه‏َ أبَداً، فبِالنِّيّاتِ خُلِّدَ هؤلاءِ وهؤلاءِ، ثُمّ تَلا قولَهُ تعالى: «قُلْ كُلٌّ يَعْمَلُ عَلى شاكِلَتِهِ» قالَ: على نِيَّتِهِ.
4– Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘The people of Hell will dwell eternally in Hell because their intentions in the world were such that if they were to remain there forever they would disobey Allah forever, and the people of Heaven will dwell eternally in Heaven because their intentions in the world were such that if they were to remain there forever, they would obey Allah. Therefore, it is according to their intentions that these people and those people will have everlasting abodes. He then recited Allah’s verse in the Qur’an: "Say, ‘Everyone acts according to his character’
[Qur’an 17:84], and said,
[meaning] ‘With his intention.’
[al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 85, no. 5]

5ـ الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): إنّ اللّه‏َ يَحشُرُ النّاسَ على نِيّاتِهِم يَومَ القِيامَةِ.
5– Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘Allah will resurrect people according to their intentions on the Day of Judgment.’
[al-Mahasin, v. 1, p. 409, no. 929]

دَورُ النِّيَّةِ فِي العَمَلِ / The Role of Intention in Actions

6ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): يا أيُّها النّاسُ، إنّما الأعمالُ بالنِّيّاتِ، وإنّما لِكُلِّ امرئٍ ما نَوى، فمَن كانَت هِجرَتُهُ إلَى اللّه‏ِ ورَسولِهِ فهِجرَتُهُ إلَى اللّه‏ِ ورَسولِهِ، ومَن كانَت هِجرَتُهُ إلى دُنيا يُصيبُها أوِ امرأةٍ يَتَزَوَّجُها فهِجرَتُهُ إلى ما هاجَرَ إلَيهِ.
6– The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘O people, actions are according to intentions, and every person will have what he intended. So, whoever's migration was to Allah and His Messenger then his migration is to Allah and His Messenger, and whoever's migration was to the world to gain from it, or to a woman to marry her, then their migration will be to whatever they migrated to.’
[Kanz al-`Ummal, no. 7261]

7ـ رسولُ اللهِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) ـ لَمّا أغزى علِيّاً (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) فيِ سَرِيَّةٍ، فقالَ رجُلٌ لأخٍ لَهُ: اُغْزُ بِنا في سَرِيّةِ علِيٍّ لَعلَّنا نُصيبُ خادِماً أو دابَّةً أو شَيئا نَتَبَلَّغُ بهِ ـ: إنّما الأعمالُ بالنِّيّاتِ، ولكُلِّ امرئٍ ما نَوى، فمَن غَزا ابتِغاءَ ما عِندَ اللّه‏ِ فَقد وَقَعَ أجرُهُ علَى اللّه‏ِ، ومَن غَزا يُريدُ عَرَضَ الدُّنيا أو نَوى عِقالاً لَم يَكُن لَهُ إلّا ما نَوى.
7– The Prophet (SAWA), when he sent Ali on a military expedition with a brigade, and a man said to his brother, ‘Lets go on the military expedition with the brigade of Ali, we might get a slave or an animal or something of value- said, ‘Actions are according to intentions, and every person has what they intend. So whoever goes on a conquest in search of what is with Allah then their reward will be from Allah, and whoever goes on a conquest in search of worldly affairs or intends restraints will not get other than what he intended.’
[Amali al-Tusi, p. 618, no. 1274]

ثَوابُ نِيَّةِ الخَيرِ / The Reward of an Intention to Do Good

8ـ عن رسولِ اللّه‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): تَرَكنا في المَدينَةِ أقواماً لا نَقطَعُ وادِياً ولا نَصعَدُ صُعوداً ولا نَهبِطُ هُبوطاً إلّا كانُوا مَعَنا . قالُوا: كَيفَ يَكونونَ مَعَنا ولَم يَشهَدوا ؟! قالَ: نِيّاتُهُم.
8– The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘We left groups of people in Madinah, and there is no valley we crossed nor heights we climbed nor hills we descended without them being with us. They said, ‘How can they be with us when they did not witness any of this?’ He said, ‘
[Because of] their intentions.’
[Kanz al-`Ummal, no. 7261]

9ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): يا أبا ذرٍّ، هِمَّ بالحَسَنَةِ وإن لَم تَعمَلْها، لِكَيلا تُكتَبَ مِن الغافِلينَ.
9– The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘O Abu Dharr, intend to do good, even if you do not
[manage to] do it so that you are not written among the inattentive.’
[Makarim al-Akhlaq, v. 2, p. 378, no. 2661]

10ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): النِّيَّةُ الصّالِحَةُ أحَدُ العَمَلَينِ.
10– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Righteous intention is one of the two actions.’
[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 1624]

11ـ عن الإمامِ عليٍّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) ـ لِرجُلٍ يَوَدُّ حُضورَ أخيهِ ليَشهَدَ نَصرَ اللّه‏ِ على أعدائهِ في الجَمَلِ ـ: أهَوى أخيكَ مَعَنا ؟ فقالَ: نَعَم، قالَ: فَقد شَهِدَنا، ولَقد شَهِدَنا في عَسكَرِنا هذا أقوامٌ (قَومٌ) في أصلابِ الرِّجالِ وأرحامِ النِّساءِ، سَيَرعَفُ بِهِمُ الزَّمانُ، ويَقوى بِهِمُ الإيمانُ.
11– Imam Ali (AS) said to a man who wished his brother was present so that he could see the victory of Allah over His enemies at the Battle of the Camel, ‘Did your brother desire to be with us?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ He (AS) said, ‘Then he has witnessed us, and groups of people have witnessed us in our army while they are still in the loins of men and the wombs of women. Time will bring them out and faith will become strong through them.’
[Nahj al-Balagha, Sermon 12]

12ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): على قَدرِ النِّيَّةِ تَكونُ مِن اللّه‏ِ العَطِيَّةُ .
12– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Allah’s granting
[of rewards] is according to the intention.’
[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 6193]

13ـ الإمامُ الباقرُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): إذا عَلِمَ اللّه‏ُ تعالى حُسنَ نِيَّةٍ مِن أحَدٍ، اكتَنَفَهُ بالعِصمَةِ .
13– Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, ‘When Allah Almighty knows the good intention of someone He encompasses him with protection
[from sins].’
[A`alam al-Din, p. 301]

نِيَّةُ المُؤمِنِ خَيرٌ مِن عَمَلِهِ / The Intention of the Believer is better than his Action

14ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): نِيَّةُ المُؤمنِ خَيرٌ مِن عَمَلِهِ، ونِيَّةُ الكافِرِ شَرٌّ مِن عَمَلِهِ، وكُلُّ عامِلٍ يَعمَلُ على نِيَّتِهِ.
14– The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘The intention of the believer is better than his action, and the intention of the disbeliever is worse than his action, and every doer does according to his intention.’
[al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 84, no. 2]

15ـ رسولُ اللهِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): نِيَّةُ المُؤمنِ أبلَغُ مِن عَمَلِهِ، وكذلكَ الفاجِرُ.
15– The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘The intention of a believer is more important than his action, and same with the evildoer.’
[Amali al-Tusi, p. 454, no. 1013]

16ـ الإمامُ الباقرُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): نِيَّةُ المُؤمنِ أفضَلُ مِن عَمَلِهِ ؛ وذلكَ لأ نّهُ يَنوي مِن الخَيرِ ما لا يُدرِكُهُ، ونِيَّةُ الكافِرِ شَرٌّ مِن عَمَلِهِ ؛ وذلكَ لأنَّ الكافِرَ يَنوي الشَّرَّ ويأمَلُ مِن الشَّرِّ ما لا يُدرِكُهُ.
16– Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, ‘The intention of a believer is better than his action, that is because he intends good that he cannot perform, and the intention of the disbeliever is worse than his action because he intends evil and he wishes in evil what he cannot perform.’
[`AeIlal al-Shara’i`a, p. 524, no. 1]

17ـ الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) ـ في الجَوابِ عَن عِلَّةِ فَضلِ نِيَّةِ المُؤمنِ على عَملِهِ ـ: لأنَّ العَمَلَ رُبَّما كانَ رِياءً لِلمَخلوقينَ، والنِّيَّةُ خالِصَةٌ لرَبِّ العالَمينَ، فيُعطي تَعالى علَى النِّيَّةِ ما لا يُعطي علَى العَمَلِ.
17– Imam al-Sadiq (AS), in answer to the reason behind the superiority of a believer’s intention over his action, ‘Because an action could be done as an act of showing-off, but the intention is solely and sincerely for the Lord of the worlds, so He Almighty gives according to the intention what He does not give for the action.’
[`AeIlal al-Shara’i`a, p. 524, no. 2]

الحَثُّ عَلَى النِّيَّةِ الصّالحَةِ في كُلِّ شَيءٍ / Enjoinment of Righteous Intentions in Everything

18ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): يا أبا ذرٍّ، لِيَكُن لَكَ في كُلِّ شَيءٍ نِيَّةٌ صالِحَةٌ، حتّى في النَّومِ والأكلِ .
18– The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘O Abu Dharr, you should have a righteous intention in everything you do, even in sleeping and eating.’
[Makarim al-Akhlaq, v. 2, p. 370, no. 2661]

19ـ الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): لابُدَّ لِلعَبدِ مِن خالِصِ النِّيَّةِ في كُلِّ حَرَكَةٍ وسُكونٍ ؛ لأنَّهُ إذا لَم يَكُن هذا المَعنى يَكونُ غافِلاً .
19– Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘It is important for a servant to have sincere intention in every movement and stillness, for if it was not so he would be negligent.’
[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 70, p. 210, no. 32]

حُسنُ النِّيَّةِ / Good Intention

20ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): أفضَلُ العَمَلِ النِّيَّةُ الصّادِقَةُ.
20– The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘The best action is the true intention.’
[Kanz al-`Ummal, no. 7238]

21ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): حُسنُ النِّيَّةِ جَمالُ السَّرائرِ .
21– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘The good intention is the beauty of the hearts.’
[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 4806]

22ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): جَميلُ النِّيَّةِ سَبَبٌ لِبُلوغِ الاُمنِيَّةِ .
22– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘The beautiful intention is the reason for the fulfilment of ambition.’
[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 4766]

23ـ الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): مَن حَسُنَت نِيَّتُهُ زادَ اللّه‏ُ في رِزقِهِ.
23– Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘Whoever’s intention is good Allah increases his sustenance.’
[al-Mahasin, v. 1, p. 406, no. 922]

24ـ الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) ـ لَمّا سُئلَ عن حَدِّ العِبادَةِ التي إذا فَعَلَها فاعِلُها كانَ مُؤدِّياً ـ: حُسنُ النِّيَّةِ بالطّاعَةِ.
24– Imam al-Sadiq (AS), when asked about the limit of worship required by a person to achieve, said, ‘Good intention with obedience.’
[al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 85, no. 4]

سوءُ النِّيَّةِ / Bad Intention

25ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): سُوءُ النِّيَّةِ داءٌ دَفينٌ.
25– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Bad intention is a hidden sickness.’
[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 5568]

26ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): عِندَ فَسادِ النِّيَّةِ تَرتَفِعُ البَرَكَةُ.
26– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘With corrupt intentions blessings are removed.’
[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 6228]

27ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): إذا فَسَدَتِ النِّيَّةُ وَقَعَتِ البَلِيَّةُ .
27– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘When an intention is corrupt calamity befalls.’
[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 4021]

28ـ الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): إنّ المُؤمنَ لَيَنوي الذَّنبَ فيُحرَمُ رِزقَهُ.
28– Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘A believer makes an intention to sin, and he is deprived of sustenance
[as a result].’
[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 71, p. 247, no. 6]

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